QuantLib_CapHelper man page

CapHelper — calibration helper for ATM cap


#include <ql/models/shortrate/calibrationhelpers/caphelper.hpp>

Inherits CalibrationHelper.

Public Member Functions

CapHelper (const Period &length, const Handle< Quote > &volatility, const boost::shared_ptr< IborIndex > &index, Frequency fixedLegFrequency, const DayCounter &fixedLegDayCounter, bool includeFirstSwaplet, const Handle< YieldTermStructure > &termStructure, CalibrationHelper::CalibrationErrorType errorType=CalibrationHelper::RelativePriceError)

virtual void addTimesTo (std::list< Time > &times) const

virtual Real modelValue () const
returns the price of the instrument according to the model
virtual Real blackPrice (Volatility volatility) const
Black or Bachelier price given a volatility.

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

calibration helper for ATM cap


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Referenced By

CapHelper(3) is an alias of QuantLib_CapHelper(3).

Fri Sep 23 2016 Version 1.8.1 QuantLib