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#include <ql/instruments/bonds/btp.hpp>

Inherits FloatingRateBond.

Public Member Functions

CCTEU (const Date &maturityDate, Spread spread, const Handle< YieldTermStructure > &fwdCurve=Handle< YieldTermStructure >(), const Date &startDate=Date(), const Date &issueDate=Date())

Bond interface

Real accruedAmount (Date d=Date()) const
accrued amount at a given date

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Italian CCTEU (Certificato di credito del tesoro) Euribor6M indexed floating rate bond

Member Function Documentation

Real accruedAmount (Date d = Date()) const [virtual]

accrued amount at a given date The default bond settlement is used if no date is given.

Reimplemented from Bond.


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