QuantLib_AssetSwap_arguments man page

AssetSwap::arguments — Arguments for asset swap calculation


#include <ql/instruments/assetswap.hpp>

Inherits Swap::arguments.

Public Member Functions

void validate () const

Public Attributes

std::vector< Date > fixedResetDates

std::vector< Date > fixedPayDates

std::vector< Real > fixedCoupons

std::vector< Time > floatingAccrualTimes

std::vector< Date > floatingResetDates

std::vector< Date > floatingFixingDates

std::vector< Date > floatingPayDates

std::vector< Spread > floatingSpreads

Detailed Description

Arguments for asset swap calculation


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Referenced By

fixedCoupons(3), fixedPayDates(3), fixedResetDates(3), floatingAccrualTimes(3), floatingFixingDates(3), floatingPayDates(3), floatingResetDates(3) and floatingSpreads(3) are aliases of QuantLib_AssetSwap_arguments(3).

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