PassiveComponent man page



#include <PassiveComponent.hh>

Public Member Functions

void activate (PortableServer::POA_var poa, LogCentralComponent_var aLCCref)
void checkConnect (const char *componentName, const char *hostName, const char *msg, int retValExpected, tag_list_t expectedConfig, bool *success)
void checkDisconnect (const char *msg, bool *success)
void checkDisconnect (const char *componentName, const char *msg, int retValExpected, bool *success)
void addMessage (const char *tag, const char *msg)
void addMessage (log_msg_t logMsg)
void sendMsgBuf ()
void setExpectedConfig (tag_list_t expectedConfig)
void addExpectedConfig (const char *tag)
void checkConfig (bool *success)

Detailed Description

Encapsulates all component operations. Each operation has an expected result. Any other result will be treated as error. A message will be printed and the function will set the provided bool to false. Results of methods that will be called by the Monitor are stored and can be verified with the same mechanism from the main programm.


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