PGFMagicVersion - Man Page

PGF identification and version.


#include <PGFtypes.h>

Inherited by PGFPreHeader.

Public Attributes

char magic [3]
PGF identification = 'PGF'.
UINT8 version
PGF version.

Detailed Description

PGF identification and version.

general PGF file structure PGFPreHeaderV6 PGFHeader PGFPostHeader LevelLengths Level_n-1 Level_n-2 ... Level_0 PGFPostHeader ::= [ColorTable] [UserData] LevelLengths ::= UINT32[nLevels] PGF magic and version (part of PGF pre-header)


C. Stamm

Definition at line 104 of file PGFtypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

char PGFMagicVersion::magic[3]

PGF identification = 'PGF'.

Definition at line 105 of file PGFtypes.h.

UINT8 PGFMagicVersion::version

PGF version.

Definition at line 106 of file PGFtypes.h.


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