OSSL_ITEM.3ossl - Man Page

OpenSSL Core type for generic itemized data


 #include <openssl/core.h>

 typedef struct ossl_item_st OSSL_ITEM;
 struct ossl_item_st {
     unsigned int id;
     void *ptr;


This type is a tuple of integer and pointer. It's a generic type used as a generic descriptor, its exact meaning being defined by how it's used. Arrays of this type are passed between the OpenSSL libraries and the providers, and must be terminated with a tuple where the integer is zero and the pointer NULL.

This is currently mainly used for the return value of the provider's error reason strings array, see "Provider Functions" in provider-base(7).

See Also

crypto(7), provider-base(7), openssl-core.h(7)


OSSL_ITEM was added in OpenSSL 3.0

Referenced By

openssl-core.h.7ossl(7), provider-base.7ossl(7).

2023-10-26 3.1.4 OpenSSL