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Module   MoreLabels.Set


Module Set
: sig end

Sets over ordered types.

This module implements the set data structure, given a total ordering function over the set elements. All operations over sets are purely applicative (no side-effects). The implementation uses balanced binary trees, and is therefore reasonably efficient: insertion and membership take time logarithmic in the size of the set, for instance.

The MoreLabels.Set.Make functor constructs implementations for any type, given a compare function. For instance:

       module IntPairs =
           type t = int * int
           let compare (x0,y0) (x1,y1) =
             match x0 x1 with
                 0 -> y0 y1
               | c -> c

       module PairsSet = Set.Make(IntPairs)

       let m = PairsSet.(empty |> add (2,3) |> add (5,7) |> add (11,13))

This creates a new module PairsSet , with a new type PairsSet.t of sets of int * int .

module type OrderedType = sig end

Input signature of the functor MoreLabels.Set.Make .

module type S = sig end

Output signature of the functor MoreLabels.Set.Make .

module Make : functor (Ord : OrderedType) -> sig end

Functor building an implementation of the set structure given a totally ordered type.


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