Mat_VarRead - Man Page

Reads the information and data for a specific variable in a MATLAB MAT file.


#include <matio.h>

matvar_t *
Mat_VarRead(mat_t *matfp, const char *name);


The Mat_VarRead() function reads the information and data for the variable name in the open MAT file.

Return Values

If the variable was found in the MAT file and successfully read, a pointer to the MATLAB variable structure is returned. If the variable was not found, or there was an error reading the variable, NULL is returned.


This example program opens a MAT file named by the first argument to the program, and reads a variable named x from the file. The matio function Mat_VarPrint is used to print the information and data from the file.

#include "matio.h"

main(int argc, char **argv)
    mat_t    *matfp;
    matvar_t *matvar;

    matfp = Mat_Open(argv[1], MAT_ACC_RDONLY);
    if ( NULL == matfp ) {
        fprintf(stderr, "Error opening MAT file %s0, argv[1]);
        return EXIT_FAILURE;

    matvar = Mat_VarRead(matfp, "x");
    if ( NULL != matvar ) {

    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

See Also

Mat_VarReadInfo(3), Mat_VarReadNext(3), Mat_VarPrint(3)

Referenced By

Mat_VarReadInfo(3), Mat_VarReadNext(3), Mat_VarReadNextInfo(3), Mat_VarWrite(3), Mat_VarWriteAppend(3).

September 12, 2019