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Mail::MIMEDefang::DKIM::ARC - Man Page

ARC interface for MIMEDefang


Mail::MIMEDefang::DKIM::ARC is a module with a set of ARC related methods called from mimedefang-filter to operate with ARC signatures.



Returns an hash with mail headers and the ARC signature for the message. If ARC sign fails the hash will contain an error message. The method accepts the following parameters:


The path to the private ARC key


The algorithm to be used to sign the message, by default is 'rsa-sha256'


The cv= value for the Arc-Seal header.  "ar" means to copy it from an Authentication-Results header, or use none if there isn't one.


The domain to be used when signing the message.


The authserv-id in the Authentication-Results headers, defaults to Domain.


The selector to be used when signing the message, by default it's 'default'


The headers to sign, by default the headers are:
              From Sender Reply-To Subject Date
              Message-ID To Cc MIME-Version
              Content-Type Content-Transfer-Encoding Content-ID Content-Description
              Resent-Date Resent-From Resent-Sender Resent-To Resent-cc
              In-Reply-To References
              List-Id List-Help List-Unsubscribe List-Subscribe
              List-Post List-Owner List-Archive

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2024-06-11 3.4.1 Mail::MIMEDefang::DKIM::ARC Documentation