MQTTAsync_successData - Man Page


#include <MQTTAsync.h>

Data Fields

MQTTAsync_token token
union {
  int qos
  int * qosList
  struct {
     MQTTAsync_message message
     char * destinationName
  } pub
  struct {
     char * serverURI
     int MQTTVersion
     int sessionPresent
  } connect
} alt

Detailed Description

The data returned on completion of a successful API call in the response callback onSuccess.

Field Documentation

MQTTAsync_token token

A token identifying the successful request. Can be used to refer to the request later.

int qos

For subscribe, the granted QoS of the subscription returned by the server. Also for subscribeMany, if only 1 subscription was requested.

int* qosList

For subscribeMany, if more than one subscription was requested, the list of granted QoSs of the subscriptions returned by the server.

MQTTAsync_message message

the message being sent to the server

char* destinationName

the topic destination for the message

struct  { ... }  pub

For publish, the message being sent to the server.

char* serverURI

the connection string of the server

int MQTTVersion

the version of MQTT being used

int sessionPresent

the session present flag returned from the server

struct  { ... }  connect

union  { ... }  alt

A union of the different values that can be returned for subscribe, unsubscribe and publish.


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