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MP4GetTrackVideoWidth - Man Page

Get the video width in pixels of the specified video track


#include <mp4.h>

u_int16_t MP4GetTrackVideoWidth(
MP4FileHandle hFile,
MP4TrackId trackId



Specifies the mp4 file to which the operation applies.


Specifies the track for which the video width is desired.

Return Values

Upon success, the number of pixels of the video width in the track. Upon an error, 0.


MP4GetTrackVideoWidth returns the width of the video in pixels in the specified track in the mp4 file.

Caveat: Not all mp4 implementations set this value accurately. The mp4 specification states that the authoritative values are contained in the track ES configuration which is video encoding specific, and hence not interpretable by the mp4 library. If the value of 320 is returned, care should be taken to verify the accuracy of this value since this is the default value in the mp4 specification.

See Also

MP4(3) MP4GetTrackVideoHeight(3) MP4GetTrackESConfiguration(3)

Referenced By


Version 0.9 Cisco Systems Inc. MP4 File Format Library