MP4GetTrackEditStart man page

MP4GetTrackEditStart — Get the start time of a track edit segment


#include <mp4.h>

MP4Timestamp MP4GetTrackEditStart(
MP4FileHandle hFile,
MP4TrackId trackId,
MP4EditId editId



Specifies the mp4 file to which the operation applies.


Specifies the track to which the operation applies.


Specifies the edit segment for which the start time is desired.

Return Values

The start time of the edit segment in track time scale units of the track in the mp4 file.


MP4GetTrackEditStart returns the start time of the  of the specified track edit segment in the timeline of the track edit list.

Caveat: The value is in units of the track time scale.

Note that this differs from the edit segment media start time, MP4GetTrackEditMediaStart(). For example:

EditId Start MediaStart Duration

1 0 15 30
2 30 120 20
3 50 3000 10

See Also

MP4(3) MP4SetTrackEditStart(3)


Version 0.9 Cisco Systems Inc. MP4 File Format Library