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Inherits POA_CorbaLogForwarder, and RefCountServantBase.

Public Member Functions

LogForwarder (const std::string &name)
ComponentConfigurator_ptr getCompoConf (const char *name)
ToolMsgReceiver_ptr getToolMsgReceiver (const char *name)
LogCentralComponent_ptr getLogCentralComponent (const char *name)
LogCentralTool_ptr getLogCentralTool (const char *name)
void ping (const char *compoName, const char *objName)
void bind (const char *objName, const char *ior)
void unbind (const char *objName)
LogSeqString * getBindings (const char *ctxt)
void connectPeer (const char *ior, const char *host, const ::CORBA::Long port)
void setPeer (CorbaLogForwarder_ptr peer)
CorbaLogForwarder_var getPeer ()
char * getIOR ()
void removeObjectFromCache (const std::string &name)
void cleanCaches ()
char * getName ()
char * getPeerName ()
char * getHost ()
char * getPeerHost ()
LogSeqString * routeTree ()
std::list< std::string > otherForwarders () const
void setTagFilter (const ::tag_list_t &tagList, const char *objName)
void addTagFilter (const ::tag_list_t &tagList, const char *objName)
void removeTagFilter (const ::tag_list_t &tagList, const char *objName)
void test (const char *objName)
short disconnectTool (const char *toolName, const char *objName)
tag_list_t * getDefinedTags (const char *objName)
component_list_t * getDefinedComponents (const char *objName)
short addFilter (const char *toolName, const filter_t &filter, const char *objName)
void sendMsg (const log_msg_buf_t &msgBuf, const char *objName)
short connectTool (char *&toolName, const char *msgReceiver, const char *objName)
short flushAllFilters (const char *toolName, const char *objName)
short removeFilter (const char *toolName, const char *filterName, const char *objName)
short connectComponent (char *&, const char *, const char *, const char *, const log_time_t &, tag_list_t &, const char *)
short disconnectComponent (const char *componentName, const char *message, const char *objName)
void sendBuffer (const log_msg_buf_t &buffer, const char *objName)
void synchronize (const char *componentName, const log_time_t &componentTime, const char *objName)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool remoteCall (std::string &objName)
static std::string getName (const std::string &namectxt)
static std::string getCtxt (const std::string &namectxt)

Member Function Documentation

short LogForwarder::addFilter (const char * toolName, const filter_t & filter, const char * objName)

Create a filter for this tool on the monitor. Messages matching this filter will be forwarded to the tool. The filter will be identified by its name, which is a part of filter_t. A tool can have as much filters as it wants. Returns ALREADYEXISTS if another filter with this name is already registered.

short LogForwarder::connectTool (char *& toolName, const char * msgReceiver, const char * objName) [virtual]

Connect a Tool with its toolName, which must be unique among all tools. The return value indicates the success of the connection. If ALREADYEXISTS is returned, the tool could not be attached, as the specified toolName already exists. In this case the tool must reconnect with another name before specifying any filters. If the tool sends an empty toolName, the LogCentral will provide a unique toolName and pass it back to the tool.

Implements _impl_LogCentralToolForwarder.

short LogForwarder::disconnectTool (const char * toolName, const char * objName) [virtual]

Disconnects a connected tool from the monitor. No further filterconfigurations should be sent after this call. The toolMsgReceiver will not be used by the monitor any more after this call. Returns NOTCONNECTED if the calling tool was not connected.

Implements _impl_LogCentralToolForwarder.

component_list_t* LogForwarder::getDefinedComponents (const char * objName) [virtual]

Returns a list of actually connected Components. This is just a convenience function, as the whole state of the system will be sent to the tool right after connection (in the form of messages)

Implements _impl_LogCentralToolForwarder.

tag_list_t* LogForwarder::getDefinedTags (const char * objName) [virtual]

Returns a list of possible tags. This is just a convenience functions and returns the values that are specified in a configuration file. If the file is not up to date, the application may generate more tags than defined in this list.

Implements _impl_LogCentralToolForwarder.


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