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Inherits POA_LogCentralToolFwdr, and RefCountServantBase.

Public Member Functions

LogCentralToolFwdr_impl (CorbaLogForwarder_ptr fwdr, const char *objName)
void test ()
CORBA::Short connectTool (char *&toolName, const char *msgReceiver)
CORBA::Short disconnectTool (const char *toolName)
tag_list_t * getDefinedTags ()
component_list_t * getDefinedComponents ()
CORBA::Short addFilter (const char *toolName, const filter_t &filter)
CORBA::Short removeFilter (const char *toolName, const char *filterName)
CORBA::Short flushAllFilters (const char *toolName)

Protected Attributes

CorbaLogForwarder_ptr forwarder
char * objName

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Short LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::addFilter (const char * toolName, const filter_t & filter)

Add a (posivive) filter for this tool. Messages matching this filter will be forwarded to the tool.


toolName the name of the tool, which adds the filter
filter the filterconfiguration containing the filtername, a list of tags and a list of components


if the filter could be added properly

CORBA::Short LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::connectTool (char *& toolName, const char * msgReceiver) [virtual]

Connects a new Tool to the monitor. Registers the tool internally with its unique toolName and creates all necessary outbuffers, ... Provides a unique name for the tool if the given toolName is the empty string. (Attention: the omniidl is buggy for string INOUT. The String_INOUT_arg of the LogTool.hh must be replaced by char*&)


toolName the unique name of the tool
msgReceiver messageConsumer of the tool, which processes incoming messages for the tool


if the connection was successful

Implements _impl_LogCentralTool.

CORBA::Short LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::disconnectTool (const char * toolName) [virtual]

Disconnect a tool from the monitor. Remove the tools filters and deregister tool.


toolName the unique name of the tool


if the deconnection was successful

Implements _impl_LogCentralTool.

CORBA::Short LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::flushAllFilters (const char * toolName) [virtual]

Remove all existing filters of the tool.


toolName the name of the tool whose filterlist will be cleared

Implements _impl_LogCentralTool.

component_list_t* LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::getDefinedComponents () [virtual]

Returns a list of currently attached components. This is just a convenience function, as all the whole systemstate including all components are sent to the tool upon connection in form of messages.

Implements _impl_LogCentralTool.

tag_list_t* LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::getDefinedTags () [virtual]

Returns a list of configured tags. This is just a convenience function. It relies on the configuration of the monitor and must not reflect the real system.

Implements _impl_LogCentralTool.

CORBA::Short LogCentralToolFwdr_impl::removeFilter (const char * toolName, const char * filterName) [virtual]

Remove a existing filter from the list.


toolName the name of the tool who added the filter
filterName the name of the filter


if the filter could be removed properly

Implements _impl_LogCentralTool.


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