LogCentralComponentFwdrImpl man page

LogCentralComponentFwdrImpl —


Inherits POA_LogCentralComponentFwdr, and RefCountServantBase.

Public Member Functions

LogCentralComponentFwdrImpl (CorbaLogForwarder_ptr fwdr, const char *objName)

CORBA::Short connectComponent (char *&componentName, const char *componentHostname, const char *message, const char *compConfigurator, const log_time_t &componentTime, tag_list_t &initialConfig)

CORBA::Short disconnectComponent (const char *componentName, const char *message)

void sendBuffer (const log_msg_buf_t &buffer)

void ping (const char *componentName)

void synchronize (const char *componentName, const log_time_t &componentTime)

void test ()

Protected Attributes

CorbaLogForwarder_ptr forwarder

char * objName


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