LastPing man page

LastPing —


#include <LogCentralComponent_impl.hh>

Public Member Functions

LastPing (LastPing &newLastPing)

LastPing & operator= (LastPing &newLastPing)

Public Attributes

char * name

log_time_t time

log_time_t timeDifference

Detailed Description

Errorlevel constants for connectComponent (defined in the idl) const short LS_OK const short LS_COMPONENT_CONNECT_BADNAME const short LS_COMPONENT_CONNECT_ALREADYEXISTS const short LS_COMPONENT_CONNECT_BADCOMPONENTCONFIGURATOR const short LS_COMPONENT_CONNECT_INTERNALERROR const short LS_COMPONENT_DISCONNECT_NOTEXISTS Implements the Component-Servant on the LogCentral. The Servant is responsible for connection and deconnection components, forwarding messages and synchronisation. This includes:

store components in internal list
correct time for incoming messages and forward them to the timebuffer
synchronize with components


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