HPL_spreadT - Man Page

Spread row panel U and forward current column panel.


#include "hpl.h"
 void HPL_spreadT( HPL_T_panel * PBCST, int * IFLAG, HPL_T_panel * PANEL, const enum HPL_SIDE SIDE, const int N, double * U, const int LDU, const int SRCDIST, const int * IPLEN, const int * IPMAP, const int * IPMAPM1 );


HPL_spreadT spreads  the local array containing local pieces of U, so that on exit to this function,  a piece of  U  is contained in every process row.  The array  IPLEN  contains the number of columns of U, that should be spread on any given process row.  This function  also probes for the presence of  the column panel  PBCST.  If  available, this  panel will be forwarded.  If  PBCST  is  NULL  on input,  this probing mechanism will be disabled.


PBCST   (local input/output)    HPL_T_panel *

On entry,  PBCST  points to the data structure containing the panel (to be broadcast) information.

IFLAG   (local input/output)    int *

On entry, IFLAG  indicates  whether or not  the broadcast has already been completed.  If not,  probing will occur, and the outcome will be contained in IFLAG on exit.

PANEL   (local input/output)    HPL_T_panel *

On entry,  PANEL  points to the data structure containing the panel (to be spread) information.

SIDE    (global input)          const enum HPL_SIDE

On entry, SIDE specifies whether the local piece of U located in process IPMAP[SRCDIST] should be spread to the right or to the left. This feature is used by the equilibration process.

N       (global input)          const int

On entry,  N  specifies the local number of rows of U. N must be at least zero.

U       (local input/output)    double *

On entry,  U  is an array of dimension (LDU,*) containing the local pieces of U.

LDU     (local input)           const int

On entry, LDU specifies the local leading dimension of U. LDU should be at least MAX(1,N).

SRCDIST (local input)           const int

On entry,  SRCDIST  specifies the source process that spreads its piece of U.

IPLEN   (global input)          const int *

On entry, IPLEN is an array of dimension NPROW+1.  This array is such that IPLEN[i+1] - IPLEN[i] is the number of rows of U in each process before process IPMAP[i], with the  convention that IPLEN[nprow] is the total number of rows. In other words IPLEN[i+1] - IPLEN[i]  is  the local number of rows of U that should be moved to process IPMAP[i].

IPMAP   (global input)          const int *

On entry, IPMAP is an array of dimension  NPROW.  This  array contains  the  logarithmic mapping of the processes. In other words, IPMAP[myrow]  is the absolute coordinate of the sorted process.

IPMAPM1 (global input)          const int *

On entry,  IPMAPM1 is an array of dimension NPROW. This array contains  the inverse of the logarithmic mapping contained in IPMAP: For i in [0.. NPROW) IPMAPM1[IPMAP[i]] = i.

See Also

HPL_pdlaswp01T (3).

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