HPL_recv - Man Page

Receive a message.


#include "hpl.h"
 int HPL_recv( double * RBUF, int RCOUNT, int SRC, int RTAG, MPI_Comm COMM );


HPL_recv is a simple wrapper around  MPI_Recv.  Its  main  purpose is to  allow for some  experimentation / tuning  of this simple routine. Successful  completion  is  indicated  by  the  returned  error  code HPL_SUCCESS.  In the case of messages of length less than or equal to zero, this function returns immediately.


RBUF    (local output)          double *

On entry, RBUF specifies the starting address of buffer to be received.

RCOUNT  (local input)           int

On entry,  RCOUNT  specifies  the number  of double precision entries in RBUF. RCOUNT must be at least zero.

SRC     (local input)           int

On entry, SRC  specifies the rank of the  sending  process in the communication space defined by COMM.

RTAG    (local input)           int

On entry,  STAG specifies the message tag to be used for this communication operation.

COMM    (local input)           MPI_Comm

The MPI communicator identifying the communication space.

See Also

HPL_send (3), HPL_sendrecv (3).

Referenced By

HPL_sdrv(3), HPL_send(3).

February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2 HPL Library Functions