HPL_pdlaprnt - Man Page

Print a distributed matrix A.


#include "hpl.h"
 void HPL_pdlaprnt( const HPL_T_grid * GRID, const int M, const int N, const int NB, double * A, const int LDA, const int IAROW, const int IACOL, const char * CMATNM );


HPL_pdlaprnt prints  to  standard  error a distributed matrix A. The local pieces of  A  are sent to the process of coordinates  (0,0)  in the grid and then printed.


GRID    (local input)           const HPL_T_grid *

On entry,  GRID  points  to the data structure containing the process grid information.

M       (global input)          const int

On entry,  M  specifies the number of rows of the coefficient matrix A. M must be at least zero.

N       (global input)          const int

On  entry,   N   specifies  the  number  of  columns  of  the coefficient matrix A. N must be at least zero.

NB      (global input)          const int

On entry,  NB specifies the blocking factor used to partition and distribute the matrix. NB must be larger than one.

A       (local input)           double *

On entry,  A  points to an  array of dimension (LDA,LocQ(N)). This array contains the coefficient matrix to be printed.

LDA     (local input)           const int

On entry, LDA specifies the leading dimension of the array A. LDA must be at least max(1,LocP(M)).

IAROW   (global input)          const int

On entry,  IAROW  specifies the row process coordinate owning the  first row of A.  IAROW  must be  larger than or equal to zero and less than NPROW.

IACOL   (global input)          const int

On entry,  IACOL  specifies  the  column  process  coordinate owning the  first column  of A. IACOL  must be larger than or equal to zero and less than NPCOL.

CMATNM  (global input)          const char *

On entry, CMATNM is the name of the matrix to be printed.

See Also

HPL_fprintf (3).

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February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2 HPL Library Functions