HPL_packL - Man Page

Form the MPI structure for the row ring broadcasts.


#include "hpl.h"
 int HPL_packL( HPL_T_panel * PANEL, const int INDEX, const int LEN, const int IBUF );


HPL_packL forms  the MPI data type for the panel to be broadcast. Successful  completion  is  indicated  by  the  returned  error  code MPI_SUCCESS.


PANEL   (input/output)          HPL_T_panel *

On entry,  PANEL  points to the  current panel data structure being broadcast.

INDEX   (input)                 const int

On entry,  INDEX  points  to  the  first entry of the  packed buffer being broadcast.

LEN     (input)                 const int

On entry, LEN is the length of the packed buffer.

IBUF    (input)                 const int

On entry, IBUF  specifies the panel buffer/count/type entries that should be initialized.

See Also

HPL_binit (3), HPL_bcast (3), HPL_bwait (3).


February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2 HPL Library Functions