HPL_grid_info - Man Page

Retrieve grid information.


#include "hpl.h"
 int HPL_grid_info( const HPL_T_grid * GRID, int * NPROW, int * NPCOL, int * MYROW, int * MYCOL );


HPL_grid_info returns  the grid shape and the coordinates in the grid of the calling process.  Successful  completion  is  indicated by the returned error code  MPI_SUCCESS. Other error codes depend on the MPI implementation.


GRID    (local input)           const HPL_T_grid *

On entry,  GRID  points  to the data structure containing the process grid information.

NPROW   (global output)         int *

On exit,   NPROW  specifies the number of process rows in the grid. NPROW is at least one.

NPCOL   (global output)         int *

On exit,   NPCOL  specifies  the number of process columns in the grid. NPCOL is at least one.

MYROW   (global output)         int *

On exit,  MYROW  specifies my  row process  coordinate in the grid. MYROW is greater than or equal  to zero  and  less than NPROW.

MYCOL   (global output)         int *

On exit,  MYCOL specifies my column process coordinate in the grid. MYCOL is greater than or equal  to zero  and  less than NPCOL.

See Also

HPL_pnum (3), HPL_grid_init (3), HPL_grid_exit (3).

Referenced By

HPL_grid_exit(3), HPL_grid_init(3), HPL_pnum(3).

February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2 HPL Library Functions