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HPL_equil - Man Page

Equilibrate U and forward the column panel L.


#include "hpl.h"
 void HPL_equil( HPL_T_panel * PBCST, int * IFLAG, HPL_T_panel * PANEL, const enum HPL_TRANS TRANS, const int N, double * U, const int LDU, int * IPLEN, const int * IPMAP, const int * IPMAPM1, int * IWORK );


HPL_equil equilibrates  the  local  pieces  of U, so that on exit to this function, pieces of U contained in every process row are of the same size. This phase makes the rolling phase optimal.  In addition, this  function probes  for  the  column panel L and forwards it when possible.


PBCST   (local input/output)    HPL_T_panel *

On entry,  PBCST  points to the data structure containing the panel (to be broadcast) information.

IFLAG   (local input/output)    int *

On entry, IFLAG  indicates  whether or not  the broadcast has already been completed.  If not,  probing will occur, and the outcome will be contained in IFLAG on exit.

PANEL   (local input/output)    HPL_T_panel *

On entry,  PANEL  points to the data structure containing the panel (to be equilibrated) information.

TRANS   (global input)          const enum HPL_TRANS

On entry, TRANS specifies whether  U  is stored in transposed or non-transposed form.

N       (local input)           const int

On entry, N  specifies the number of rows or columns of  U. N must be at least 0.

U       (local input/output)    double *

On entry,  U  is an array of dimension (LDU,*) containing the local pieces of U in each process row.

LDU     (local input)           const int

On entry, LDU specifies the local leading dimension of U. LDU should be at least MAX(1,IPLEN[nprow]) when  U  is stored  in non-transposed form, and MAX(1,N) otherwise.

IPLEN   (global input)          int *

On entry, IPLEN is an array of dimension NPROW+1.  This array is such that IPLEN[i+1] - IPLEN[i] is the number of rows of U in process IPMAP[i].

IPMAP   (global input)          const int *

On entry, IPMAP is an array of dimension  NPROW.  This  array contains  the  logarithmic mapping of the processes. In other words, IPMAP[myrow]  is the absolute coordinate of the sorted process.

IPMAPM1 (global input)          const int *

On entry, IPMAPM1  is an array of dimension NPROW. This array contains  the inverse of the logarithmic mapping contained in IPMAP: For i in [0.. NPROCS) IPMAPM1[IPMAP[i]] = i.

IWORK   (workspace)             int *

On entry, IWORK is a workarray of dimension NPROW+1.

See Also

HPL_pdlaswp01N (3), HPL_pdlaswp01T (3).

Referenced By

HPL_pdlaswp01N(3), HPL_pdlaswp01T(3).

February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2 HPL Library Functions