HPL_dlaswp10N man page

HPL_dlaswp10N — performs a series column interchanges.


#include "hpl.h"
void HPL_dlaswp10N( const int M, const int N, double * A, const int LDA, const int * IPIV );


HPL_dlaswp10N performs a sequence of local column interchanges on a matrix A. One column interchange is initiated for columns 0 through N-1 of A.


M (local input) const int
N (local input) const int
On entry, M specifies the number of rows of the array A. M must be at least zero.
A (local input/output) double *
On entry, N specifies the number of columns of the array A. N must be at least zero.
LDA (local input) const int
On entry, A points to an array of dimension (LDA,N). This array contains the columns onto which the interchanges should be applied. On exit, A contains the permuted matrix.
IPIV (local input) const int *
On entry, LDA specifies the leading dimension of the array A. LDA must be at least MAX(1,M).

See Also

HPL_dlaswp00N (3), HPL_dlaswp10N (3), HPL_dlaswp01N (3), HPL_dlaswp01T (3), HPL_dlaswp02N (3), HPL_dlaswp03N (3), HPL_dlaswp03T (3), HPL_dlaswp04N (3), HPL_dlaswp04T (3), HPL_dlaswp05N (3), HPL_dlaswp05T (3), HPL_dlaswp06N (3), HPL_dlaswp06T (3).


October 26, 2012 HPL 2.1 HPL Library Functions