HPL_barrier - Man Page

Barrier operation.


#include "hpl.h"
 int HPL_barrier( MPI_Comm COMM );


HPL_barrier blocks the caller until all process members have call it. The  call  returns  at any process  only after all group members have entered the call.


COMM    (global/local input)    MPI_Comm

The MPI communicator identifying the process collection.

See Also

HPL_broadcast (3), HPL_reduce (3), HPL_all_reduce (3), HPL_min (3), HPL_max (3), HPL_sum (3).

Referenced By

HPL_all_reduce(3), HPL_broadcast(3), HPL_max(3), HPL_min(3), HPL_reduce(3), HPL_sum(3).

February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2 HPL Library Functions