GumboVector - Man Page


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

void ** data
unsigned int length
unsigned int capacity

Detailed Description

A simple vector implementation. This stores a pointer to a data array and a length. All elements are stored as void*; client code must cast to the appropriate type. Overflows upon addition result in reallocation of the data array, with the size doubling to maintain O(1) amortized cost. There is no removal function, as this isn't needed for any of the operations within this library. Iteration can be done through inspecting the structure directly in a for-loop.

Field Documentation

void** GumboVector::data

Data elements. This points to a dynamically-allocated array of capacity elements, each a void* to the element itself.

unsigned int GumboVector::length

Number of elements currently in the vector.

unsigned int GumboVector::capacity

Current array capacity.


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