GumboText - Man Page


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

const char * text
GumboStringPiece original_text
GumboSourcePosition start_pos

Detailed Description

The struct used to represent TEXT, CDATA, COMMENT, and WHITESPACE elements. This contains just a block of text and its position.

Field Documentation

const char* GumboText::text

The text of this node, after entities have been parsed and decoded. For comment/cdata nodes, this does not include the comment delimiters.

GumboStringPiece GumboText::original_text

The original text of this node, as a pointer into the original buffer. For comment/cdata nodes, this includes the comment delimiters.

GumboSourcePosition GumboText::start_pos

The starting position of this node. This corresponds to the position of original_text, before entities are decoded.


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