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GumboStringPiece - Man Page


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

const char * data
size_t length

Detailed Description

A struct representing a string or part of a string. Strings within the parser are represented by a char* and a length; the char* points into an existing data buffer owned by some other code (often the original input). GumboStringPieces are assumed (by convention) to be immutable, because they may share data. Use GumboStringBuffer if you need to construct a string. Clients should assume that it is not NUL-terminated, and should always use explicit lengths when manipulating them.

Field Documentation

const char* GumboStringPiece::data

A pointer to the beginning of the string. NULL iff length == 0.

size_t GumboStringPiece::length

The length of the string fragment, in bytes. May be zero.


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