GumboOutput - Man Page


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

GumboNode * document
GumboNode * root
GumboVector errors

Detailed Description

The output struct containing the results of the parse.

Field Documentation

GumboNode* GumboOutput::document

Pointer to the document node. This is a GumboNode of type NODE_DOCUMENT that contains the entire document as its child.

GumboNode* GumboOutput::root

Pointer to the root node. This the <html> tag that forms the root of the document.

GumboVector GumboOutput::errors

A list of errors that occurred during the parse. NOTE: In version 1.0 of this library, the API for errors hasn't been fully fleshed out and may change in the future. For this reason, the GumboError header isn't part of the public API. Contact us if you need errors reported so we can work out something appropriate for your use-case.


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