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GumboOptions —


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

GumboAllocatorFunction allocator

GumboDeallocatorFunction deallocator

void * userdata

int tab_stop

bool stop_on_first_error

int max_errors

GumboTag fragment_context

GumboNamespaceEnum fragment_namespace

Detailed Description

Input struct containing configuration options for the parser. These let you specify alternate memory managers, provide different error handling, etc. Use kGumboDefaultOptions for sensible defaults, and only set what you need.

Field Documentation

GumboAllocatorFunction GumboOptions::allocator

A memory allocator function. Default: malloc.

GumboDeallocatorFunction GumboOptions::deallocator

A memory deallocator function. Default: free.

void* GumboOptions::userdata

An opaque object that's passed in as the first argument to all callbacks used by this library. Default: NULL.

int GumboOptions::tab_stop

The tab-stop size, for computing positions in source code that uses tabs. Default: 8.

bool GumboOptions::stop_on_first_error

Whether or not to stop parsing when the first error is encountered. Default: false.

int GumboOptions::max_errors

The maximum number of errors before the parser stops recording them. This is provided so that if the page is totally borked, we don't completely fill up the errors vector and exhaust memory with useless redundant errors. Set to -1 to disable the limit. Default: -1

GumboTag GumboOptions::fragment_context

The fragment context for parsing:…

If GUMBO_TAG_LAST is passed here, it is assumed to be 'no fragment', i.e. the regular parsing algorithm. Otherwise, pass the tag enum for the intended parent of the parsed fragment. We use just the tag enum rather than a full node because that's enough to set all the parsing context we need, and it provides some additional flexibility for client code to act as if parsing a fragment even when a full HTML tree isn't available.


GumboNamespaceEnum GumboOptions::fragment_namespace

The namespace for the fragment context. This lets client code differentiate between, say, parsing a <title> tag in SVG vs. parsing it in HTML. Default: GUMBO_NAMESPACE_HTML


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