GumboInternalNode man page

GumboNode —


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

GumboNodeType type

GumboNode * parent

size_t index_within_parent

GumboParseFlags parse_flags

union {

GumboDocument document

GumboElement element

GumboText text

} v

Detailed Description

A supertype for GumboElement and GumboText, so that we can include one generic type in lists of children and cast as necessary to subtypes.

Forward declaration of GumboNode so it can be used recursively in GumboNode.parent.

Field Documentation

GumboNodeType GumboNode::type

The type of node that this is.

GumboNode* GumboNode::parent

Pointer back to parent node. Not owned.

size_t GumboNode::index_within_parent

The index within the parent's children vector of this node.

GumboParseFlags GumboNode::parse_flags

A bitvector of flags containing information about why this element was inserted into the parse tree, including a variety of special parse situations.

union { ... } GumboNode::v

The actual node data.


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