GumboElement - Man Page


#include <gumbo.h>

Data Fields

GumboVector children
GumboTag tag
GumboNamespaceEnum tag_namespace
GumboStringPiece original_tag
GumboStringPiece original_end_tag
GumboSourcePosition start_pos
GumboSourcePosition end_pos
GumboVector attributes

Detailed Description

The struct used to represent all HTML elements. This contains information about the tag, attributes, and child nodes.

Field Documentation

GumboVector GumboElement::children

An array of GumboNodes, containing the children of this element. Pointers are owned.

GumboTag GumboElement::tag

The GumboTag enum for this element.

GumboNamespaceEnum GumboElement::tag_namespace

The GumboNamespaceEnum for this element.

GumboStringPiece GumboElement::original_tag

A GumboStringPiece pointing to the original tag text for this element, pointing directly into the source buffer. If the tag was inserted algorithmically (for example, <head> or <tbody> insertion), this will be a zero-length string.

GumboStringPiece GumboElement::original_end_tag

A GumboStringPiece pointing to the original end tag text for this element. If the end tag was inserted algorithmically, (for example, closing a self-closing tag), this will be a zero-length string.

GumboSourcePosition GumboElement::start_pos

The source position for the start of the start tag.

GumboSourcePosition GumboElement::end_pos

The source position for the start of the end tag.

GumboVector GumboElement::attributes

An array of GumboAttributes, containing the attributes for this tag in the order that they were parsed. Pointers are owned.


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