GENLIB_MACRO.3alc - Man Page

Interface with all MACRO generators.


#include  <genlib.h>

void GENLIB_MACRO (long function, char *modelname, long flags, long N, long drive, long regNumber, char *constVal);


The GENLIB_MACRO() fonction call is the generic interface to all genlib macro generators. As all generators do not have the sames arguments it takes a variable number of arguments.

Arguments are of two kinds :


  1. long  function : (mandatory) specify which macro-generator is to be invoked. For example, to create a two entry multiplexer gives GENLIB_MUX2.
  2. char* modelname : (mandatory) specify the name of the model to be generated. For example : "model_mux2_32bits".
  3. long  flags : (mandatory) tells which views are to be generated. It is a logical combination of the following values : (ORed)

    1. F_PLACE : generate physical view (placement only).
    2. F_BEHAV : generate behavioral view (VHDL view).
    3. F_LSB_FIRST : the terminal of index zero is matched to the LSB, thus a 32 bits vector will be written : "signal[31:0]".
    4. F_MSB_FIRST : the terminal of index zero is matched to the MSB, thus a 32 bits vector will be written : "signal[0:31]" (aka. IBM notation).
  4. long  N : (mandatory) width of the model's bus to be generated.
  5. long  drive : (optional) output power drive.
  6. long  regNumber : (optional) number of registers or depth of for a FIFO macro-generator.
  7. char* constval : (optional) a character string holding a constant. For example : "0xFFFF0000".

Available Macro-Generators

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Referenced By

DPGEN_ADSB2F.3alc(3), DPGEN_AND2.3alc(3), DPGEN_AND3.3alc(3), DPGEN_AND4.3alc(3), DPGEN_BUFF.3alc(3), DPGEN_BUSE.3alc(3), DPGEN_CONST.3alc(3), DPGEN_DFF.3alc(3), DPGEN_DFFT.3alc(3), DPGEN_FIFO.3alc(3), DPGEN_INV.3alc(3), DPGEN_MUX2.3alc(3), DPGEN_NAND2.3alc(3), DPGEN_NAND2MASK.3alc(3), DPGEN_NAND3.3alc(3), DPGEN_NAND4.3alc(3), DPGEN_NBUSE.3alc(3), DPGEN_NMUX2.3alc(3), DPGEN_NOR2.3alc(3), DPGEN_NOR2MASK.3alc(3), DPGEN_NOR3.3alc(3), DPGEN_NOR4.3alc(3), DPGEN_NUL.3alc(3), DPGEN_OR2.3alc(3), DPGEN_OR3.3alc(3), DPGEN_OR4.3alc(3), DPGEN_RF1.3alc(3), DPGEN_RF1D.3alc(3), DPGEN_ROM2.3alc(3), DPGEN_ROM4.3alc(3), DPGEN_SFF.3alc(3), DPGEN_SFFT.3alc(3), DPGEN_SHIFT.3alc(3), DPGEN_XNOR2.3alc(3), DPGEN_XNOR2MASK.3alc(3), DPGEN_XOR2.3alc(3).

30 July 2004 ASIM/LIP6 Alliance - genlib User's Manual