Ftdi_List_Private - Man Page



Public Member Functions

Private (struct ftdi_device_list *_devlist)
~Private ()

Public Attributes

std::list< Context > list
struct ftdi_device_list * devlist

Detailed Description

Definition at line 484 of file ftdi.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ftdi::List::Private::Private (struct ftdi_device_list * _devlist) [inline]

Definition at line 487 of file ftdi.cpp.

Ftdi::List::Private::~Private () [inline]

Definition at line 491 of file ftdi.cpp.

References devlist, and ftdi_list_free().

Member Data Documentation

std::list<Context> Ftdi::List::Private::list

Definition at line 497 of file ftdi.cpp.

struct ftdi_device_list* Ftdi::List::Private::devlist

Definition at line 498 of file ftdi.cpp.

Referenced by ~Private().


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