Esys_HierarchyControl - Man Page

The ESAPI function for the TPM2_HierarchyControl command.



TSS2_RC Esys_HierarchyControl_Finish (ESYS_CONTEXT *esysContext)

Detailed Description

ESAPI function to invoke the TPM2_HierarchyControl command either as a one-call or in an asynchronous manner.

Function Documentation

TSS2_RC Esys_HierarchyControl_Finish (ESYS_CONTEXT * esysContext)

Asynchronous finish function for TPM2_HierarchyControl

This function returns the results of a TPM2_HierarchyControl command invoked via Esys_HierarchyControl_Finish. All non-simple output parameters are allocated by the function's implementation. NULL can be passed for every output parameter if the value is not required.


esysContext The ESYS_CONTEXT.

Return values

TSS2_RC_SUCCESS on success
ESYS_RC_SUCCESS if the function call was a success.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_BAD_REFERENCE if the esysContext or required input pointers or required output handle references are NULL.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_BAD_CONTEXT if esysContext corruption is detected.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_MEMORY if the ESAPI cannot allocate enough memory for internal operations or return parameters.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_BAD_SEQUENCE if the context has an asynchronous operation already pending.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_TRY_AGAIN if the timeout counter expires before the TPM response is received.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_INSUFFICIENT_RESPONSE if the TPM's response does not at least contain the tag, response length, and response code.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_RSP_AUTH_FAILED if the response HMAC from the TPM did not verify.
TSS2_ESYS_RC_MALFORMED_RESPONSE if the TPM's response is corrupted.
TSS2_RCs produced by lower layers of the software stack may be returned to the caller unaltered unless handled internally.


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