EVP_sha3_224.3ssl man page

EVP_sha3_224, EVP_sha3_256, EVP_sha3_384, EVP_sha3_512, EVP_shake128, EVP_shake256 — SHA-3 For EVP


 #include <openssl/evp.h>

 const EVP_MD *EVP_sha3_224(void);
 const EVP_MD *EVP_sha3_256(void);
 const EVP_MD *EVP_sha3_384(void);
 const EVP_MD *EVP_sha3_512(void);

 const EVP_MD *EVP_shake128(void);
 const EVP_MD *EVP_shake256(void);


SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm 3) is a family of cryptographic hash functions standardized in NIST FIPS 202, first published in 2015. It is based on the Keccak algorithm.

EVP_sha3_224(), EVP_sha3_256(), EVP_sha3_384(), EVP_sha3_512()

The SHA-3 SHA-3-224, SHA-3-256, SHA-3-384, and SHA-3-512 algorithms respectively. They produce 224, 256, 384 and 512 bits of output from a given input.

EVP_shake128(), EVP_shake256()

The SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256 Extendable Output Functions (XOF) that can generate a variable hash length.

Specifically, EVP_shake128 provides an overall security of 128 bits, while EVP_shake256 provides that of 256 bits.

Return Values

These functions return a EVP_MD structure that contains the implementation of the symmetric cipher. See EVP_MD_meth_new(3) for details of the EVP_MD structure.

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See Also

evp(7), EVP_DigestInit(3)

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The man pages EVP_sha3_256.3ssl(3), EVP_sha3_384.3ssl(3), EVP_sha3_512.3ssl(3), EVP_shake128.3ssl(3) and EVP_shake256.3ssl(3) are aliases of EVP_sha3_224.3ssl(3).

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