ERR_set_mark.3ossl - Man Page

set mark, clear mark and pop errors until mark


 #include <openssl/err.h>

 int ERR_set_mark(void);
 int ERR_pop_to_mark(void);
 int ERR_clear_last_mark(void);


ERR_set_mark() sets a mark on the current topmost error record if there is one.

ERR_pop_to_mark() will pop the top of the error stack until a mark is found. The mark is then removed.  If there is no mark, the whole stack is removed.

ERR_clear_last_mark() removes the last mark added if there is one.

Return Values

ERR_set_mark() returns 0 if the error stack is empty, otherwise 1.

ERR_clear_last_mark() and ERR_pop_to_mark() return 0 if there was no mark in the error stack, which implies that the stack became empty, otherwise 1.

Referenced By

The man pages ERR_clear_last_mark.3ossl(3) and ERR_pop_to_mark.3ossl(3) are aliases of ERR_set_mark.3ossl(3).

2023-03-21 3.0.8 OpenSSL