ERR_GET_LIB.3ssl man page

ERR_GET_LIB, ERR_GET_FUNC, ERR_GET_REASON — get library, function and reason code


 #include <openssl/err.h>

 int ERR_GET_LIB(unsigned long e);

 int ERR_GET_FUNC(unsigned long e);

 int ERR_GET_REASON(unsigned long e);


The error code returned by ERR_get_error() consists of a library number, function code and reason code. ERR_GET_LIB(), ERR_GET_FUNC() and ERR_GET_REASON() can be used to extract these.

The library number and function code describe where the error occurred, the reason code is the information about what went wrong.

Each sub-library of OpenSSL has a unique library number; function and reason codes are unique within each sub-library.  Note that different libraries may use the same value to signal different functions and reasons.

ERR_R_... reason codes such as ERR_R_MALLOC_FAILURE are globally unique. However, when checking for sub-library specific reason codes, be sure to also compare the library number.

ERR_GET_LIB(), ERR_GET_FUNC() and ERR_GET_REASON() are macros.

Return Values

The library number, function code and reason code respectively.

See Also

err(3), ERR_get_error(3)


ERR_GET_LIB(), ERR_GET_FUNC() and ERR_GET_REASON() are available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL.

Referenced By

err.3ssl(3), ERR_get_error.3ssl(3), PEM_read.3ssl(3).

2018-03-27 1.0.2o OpenSSL