DSA_generate_parameters.3ssl man page

DSA_generate_parameters_ex, DSA_generate_parameters — generate DSA parameters


 #include <openssl/dsa.h>

 int DSA_generate_parameters_ex(DSA *dsa, int bits,
                                const unsigned char *seed, int seed_len,
                                int *counter_ret, unsigned long *h_ret,
                                BN_GENCB *cb);


 #if OPENSSL_API_COMPAT < 0x00908000L
 DSA *DSA_generate_parameters(int bits, unsigned char *seed, int seed_len,
                              int *counter_ret, unsigned long *h_ret,
                              void (*callback)(int, int, void *), void *cb_arg);


DSA_generate_parameters_ex() generates primes p and q and a generator g for use in the DSA and stores the result in dsa.

bits is the length of the prime p to be generated. For lengths under 2048 bits, the length of q is 160 bits; for lengths greater than or equal to 2048 bits, the length of q is set to 256 bits.

If seed is NULL, or it does not generate primes, the primes will be generated at random. If seed_len is less than the length of q, an error is returned if old DSA parameter generation method is used as a backend.

DSA_generate_parameters_ex() places the iteration count in *counter_ret and a counter used for finding a generator in *h_ret, unless these are NULL.

A callback function may be used to provide feedback about the progress of the key generation. If cb is not NULL, it will be called as shown below. For information on the BN_GENCB structure and the BN_GENCB_call function discussed below, refer to BN_generate_prime(3).

DSA_generate_prime() is similar to DSA_generate_prime_ex() but expects an old-style callback function; see BN_generate_prime(3) for information on the old-style callback.

Return Values

DSA_generate_parameters_ex() returns a 1 on success, or 0 otherwise. The error codes can be obtained by ERR_get_error(3).

DSA_generate_parameters() returns a pointer to the DSA structure or NULL if the parameter generation fails.


Seed lengths greater than 20 are not supported.

See Also

DSA_new(3), ERR_get_error(3), RAND_bytes(3), DSA_free(3), BN_generate_prime(3)


DSA_generate_parameters() was deprecated in OpenSSL 0.9.8; use DSA_generate_parameters_ex() instead.

Referenced By

BN_generate_prime.3ssl(3), dsa.3ssl(3), DSA_get0_pqg.3ssl(3), DSA_meth_new.3ssl(3), DSA_new.3ssl(3).

The man page DSA_generate_parameters_ex.3ssl(3) is an alias of DSA_generate_parameters.3ssl(3).

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