DPGEN_NAND2MASK.3alc - Man Page

Programmable Mask Macro-Generator


#include  <genlib.h>

void GENLIB_MACRO (DPGEN_NAND2MASK, char *modelname, long flags, long N, char *constVal);


Generate a N bits conditionnal NAND mask named modelname.

How it works :

The constant constVal is given to the macro-generator call, therefore the value cannot be changed afterward : it's hard wired in the operator.

A common error is to give a real C constant for the constVal argument. Be aware that it is a character string.

Terminal Names

  1. cmd : mask control (1 bit).
  2. i0 : input (N bits).
  3. q : output (N bits).
  4. vdd : power.
  5. vss : ground.


nq <= WITH cmd SELECT not(i0)                 WHEN '0',
                      not(i0 and X"0000FFFF") WHEN '1';


GENLIB_MACRO(DPGEN_NAND2MASK, "model_nand2mask_0000FFFF_32"
                            , F_BEHAV|F_PLACE
                            , 32
                            , "0x0000FFFF" /* A string! */

GENLIB_LOINS( "model_nand2mask_0000FFFF_32"
            , "instance1_nand2mask_32"
            , "cmd"
            , "i0[31:0]"
            ,  "q[31:0]"
            , "vdd", "vss", NULL

See Also

GENLIB_MACRO(3), genlib(1)

Referenced By


30 July 2004 ASIM/LIP6 Alliance - genlib User's Manual