DNS::nsdiff - Man Page

the nsdiff, nspatch, and nsvi scripts


This is a stub module for overview documentation. There are three scripts in the DNS::nsdiff distribution:


The nsdiff program examines the old and new versions of a DNS zone, and outputs the differences as a script for use by BIND's nsupdate program. It provides a bridge between static zone files and dynamic updates.


The nspatch script is a wrapper around nsdiff | nsupdate that checks and reports errors in a manner suitable for running from cron.


The nsvi script makes it easy to edit a dynamic zone.


  This is DNS::nsdiff-1.81 <https://dotat.at/prog/nsdiff/>

  Written by Tony Finch <fanf2@cam.ac.uk> <dot@dotat.at>
  at Cambridge University Information Services.
  You may do anything with this. It has no warranty.

See Also

nsdiff(1), nspatch(1), nsvi(1), nsupdate(1)


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