DMXRemoveScreen - Man Page

detach a back-end screen


#include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h>

Bool DMXRemoveScreen(Display *dpy,
                     int screen);


DMXRemoveScreen() detaches the back-end screen from the Xdmx(1) server.

Return Value

DMXRemoveScreen() returns True on success, and False if there were protocol errors, if the -addremovescreens command-line option was not specified on the Xdmx(1) command line, if the value of screen is out of range, or if the back-end screen specified by screen has already been detached.

See Also

DMXAddScreen(3), DMX(3), Xdmx(1)

Referenced By

DMX(3), DMXAddScreen(3).

libdmx 1.1.4 X Version 11