DMXQueryExtension - Man Page

determine if DMX is available


#include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h>

Bool DMXQueryExtension(Display *dpy,
                       int *event_basep,
                       int *error_basep);


DMXQueryExtension() determines if the DMX protocol extension is available.  It will be available if the server is an Xdmx(1) server.

Return Value

If the DMX protocol extension is available, event_basep and error_basep will be set to the event and error bases, respectively, and True will be returned.  Otherwise, False will be returned.

See Also

DMXQueryVersion(3), DMX(3), Xdmx(1)

Referenced By

DMX(3), DMXQueryVersion(3).

libdmx 1.1.4 X Version 11