DMX - Man Page

X Window System DMX (Distributed Multihead X) extension


The DMX extension provides support for communication with and control of Xdmx(1) server.  Attributes of the Xdmx(1) server and of the back-end screens attached to the server can be queried and modified via this protocol.

Summary of Library Functions

The following is a summary of DMX library functions:

DMXQueryExtension(3) - determine if DMX is available

DMXQueryVersion(3) - determine DMX extension version

DMXSync(3) - flush protocol requests between Xdmx(1) and back-end X servers

DMXForceWindowCreation(3) - force immediate back-end window creation

DMXGetScreenCount(3) - determine number of back-end screens

DMXGetScreenAttributes(3) - determine back-end screen attributes

DMXChangeScreensAttributes(3) - change back-end screen attributes

DMXAddScreen(3) - attach a new back-end screen

DMXRemoveScreen(3) - detach a back-end screen

DMXGetWindowAttributes(3) - determine back-end window attributes

DMXGetDesktopAttributes(3) - determine global bounding box

DMXChangeDesktopAttributes(3) - change global bounding box

DMXGetInputCount(3) - determine number of input devices

DMXGetInputAttributes(3) - determine input device attributes

DMXAddInput(3) - attach a new backend or console input

DMXRemoveInput(3) - detach an input

DMXAddBackendInput(3) - attach a new back-end input

DMXAddConsoleInput(3) - attach a new console input

Each of these functions is described in its own man page.

See Also

Xdmx(1), xdmxconfig(1), vdltodmx(1)

Referenced By

DMXAddInput(3), DMXAddScreen(3), DMXChangeDesktopAttributes(3), DMXChangeScreensAttributes(3), DMXForceWindowCreation(3), DMXGetDesktopAttributes(3), DMXGetInputAttributes(3), DMXGetInputCount(3), DMXGetScreenAttributes(3), DMXGetScreenCount(3), DMXGetWindowAttributes(3), DMXQueryExtension(3), DMXQueryVersion(3), DMXRemoveInput(3), DMXRemoveScreen(3), DMXSync(3), Xdmx(1).

libdmx 1.1.5 X Version 11