DH_new_by_nid.3ossl - Man Page

create or get DH named parameters


 #include <openssl/dh.h>
 DH *DH_new_by_nid(int nid);

Deprecated since OpenSSL 3.0, can be hidden entirely by defining OPENSSL_API_COMPAT with a suitable version value, see openssl_user_macros(7):

 int DH_get_nid(const DH *dh);


DH_new_by_nid() creates and returns a DH structure containing named parameters nid. Currently nid must be NID_ffdhe2048, NID_ffdhe3072, NID_ffdhe4096, NID_ffdhe6144, NID_ffdhe8192, NID_modp_1536, NID_modp_2048, NID_modp_3072, NID_modp_4096, NID_modp_6144 or NID_modp_8192.

DH_get_nid() determines if the parameters contained in dh match any named safe prime group. It returns the NID corresponding to the matching parameters or NID_undef if there is no match. This function is deprecated.

Return Values

DH_new_by_nid() returns a set of DH parameters or NULL if an error occurred.

DH_get_nid() returns the NID of the matching set of parameters for p and g and optionally q, otherwise it returns NID_undef if there is no match.


The DH_get_nid() function was deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.

Referenced By

The man page DH_get_nid.3ossl(3) is an alias of DH_new_by_nid.3ossl(3).

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