CosNotifyComm_NotifySubscribe.3erl - Man Page

This module implements the OMG CosNotifyComm::NotifySubscribe interface.


To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

All objects, which inherit this interface, export functions described in this module.


subscription_change(Object, Added, Removed) -> Reply


Object = #objref
Added = Removed = EventTypeSeq
EventTypeSeq = [type]
Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', CosNotifyComm_InvalidEventType{type}}
type = #'CosNotification_EventType'{domain_name, type_name}
domain_name = type_name = string()

This operation takes as input two sequences of event type names specifying events the client will and will not accept in the future respectively.


cosNotification 5.1 Ericsson AB Erlang Module Definition