CosEventChannelAdmin.3erl - Man Page

The CosEventChannelAdmin defines a set if event service interfaces that enables decoupled asynchronous communication between objects and implements generic (untyped) version of the OMG COSS standard event service.


The event service defines two roles for objects: the supplier role and the consumer role. Suppliers supply event data to the event channel and consumers receive event data from the channel. Suppliers do not need to know the identity of the consumers, and vice versa. Consumers and suppliers are connected to the event channel via proxies, which are managed by ConsumerAdmin and SupplierAdmin objects.

There are four general models of communication. These are:

To get access to all definitions, e.g., exceptions, include necessary hrl files by using:

There are seven different interfaces supported in the service:


cosEvent 5.1 Ericsson AB Erlang Module Definition