ComponentConfigurator_impl man page

ComponentConfigurator_impl —


Inherits POA_ComponentConfigurator, RefCountServantBase, POA_ComponentConfigurator, and RefCountServantBase.

Public Member Functions

ComponentConfigurator_impl (LogComponentBase *LCB)

void setTagFilter (const tag_list_t &tagList)

void addTagFilter (const tag_list_t &tagList)

void removeTagFilter (const tag_list_t &tagList)

void test ()

ComponentConfigurator_impl (tag_list_t *currentConfig)

virtual void setTagFilter (const tag_list_t &tagList)

virtual void addTagFilter (const tag_list_t &tagList)

virtual void removeTagFilter (const tag_list_t &tagList)

virtual void test ()

Public Attributes

tag_list_t * currentConfig


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