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CNETDB(3)                  Common Library Functions                  CNETDB(3)

      [1mCnetdb [22m- LCG netdb utilities

      [1m#include <Cnetdb.h>[0m

      [1mchar *Cgetnetaddress(int [4m[22msock[24m[1m, const void *[4m[22msa[24m[1m, size_t [4m[22msalen[24m[1m, int *[4m[22mskey[24m[1m,[0m
      [1mconst  char  **[4m[22mnumeric_out[24m[1m,  const  char  **[4m[22mname_out[24m[1m,  int  [4m[22mflags[24m[1m,  int[0m

      [1mCnetdb  [22mprovides several netdb like functions including Cgethostbyname,
      Cgethostbyaddr, Cgetservbyname, Cgetnameinfo,  Cgetaddrinfo,  Cgai_str-
      error  which  behave  in  a  somewhat similar way to their system netdb
      counterparts. In addition Cnetdb provides a function called  Cgetnetad-
      dress which is currently the only one documented here.

      Cgetnetaddress  returns  a  DNS  domain  name (often called a hostname)
      given either a network socket, in which case the  hostname  corresponds
      to  the  peer  address of the socket, or a sockaddr structure. The name
      will be returned as a numeric IP address and/or optionaly a DNS  domain

      Exactly one of either [1msock [22mor [1msa [22mmust be specified, the other should be
      set to -1 or NULL respectively. If both are set the behaviour should be
      considered  undefined and may change in the future. If [1mskey [22mis NULL the
      memory for pointers returned  by  Cgetnetaddress  will  be  dynamically
      allocated  and it is the responsibility of the caller to free them when
      done. If not NULL [1mskey [22mshould point to an int which is initially set to
      a value of -1. The memory used to store the results returned by Cgetne-
      taddress will be allocated internally and will be reused during  subse-
      quent  calls  to Cgetnetaddress from the same thread and that share the
      same value of [1mskey[22m.

      If [1mnumeric_out [22mor [1mname_out [22mare not NULL the  char  pointer  which  they
      reference will be reset to a pointer to a character array containig the
      numeric or domain name address to be returned by the function. The out-
      put  will  be  NULL  if  the function is unable to find an IP or domain
      name.  [1mflags [22maccepts the same bitmaped flags that can be set  for  get-
      nameinfo().  [1mcflags  [22maccepts bitmaped flags which are unique to Cgetne-

      If [1mNI_NUMERICHOST [22mis specified in [1mflags [22mno attempt is made to obtain  a
      domain  name.  If [1mNI_NAMEREQD [22mis specified nothing is returned unless a
      domain name address can be determined. [1mNI_NUMERICHOST  [22mand  [1mNI_NAMEREQD[0m
      are  mutually  exclusive.  Other [1mflags [22moptions may be set and will have
      the effect described for getnameinfo().

      [1mcflags [22mmay take the bitmaped  flags  [1mCNA_WANTLOOPBACK[22m,  [1mCNA_NOFWDLOOKUP[0m
      and [1mCNA_FWDLOOKUP[22m.

      By  default if the address to be returned is determined to be the loop-
      back address any domain  name  returned  will  be  that  of  the  local
      machine.   If  [1mCNA_WANTLOOPBACK  [22mis  specified any domain name returned
      will be that associated  with  the  loopback  address,  usually  local-

      A  forward  lookup  verification  of  the domain name may be optionally
      specified with the [1mCNA_FWDLOOKUP [22mflag.  The forward lookup  means  that
      one  of  the  address  to  which  a domain name resolves must match the
      address passed to Cgetnetaddress. If the match failes the  domain  name
      will  be  considered  to not be available. By default, or if the option
      [1mCNA_NOFWDLOOKUP [22mis passed in [1mcflags[22m, the forward lookup  check  is  not
      performed   or   required.  The  behavior  if  both  [1mCNA_FWDLOOKUP  [22mand
      [1mCNA_NOFWDLOOKUP [22mare specified is undefined.

      Cgetnetaddress() returns a pointer to the domain name, if available, or
      otherwise  to  the  numeric  IP  address,  if available.  If neither is
      available NULL is returned.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mgethostbyname[22m(3), [1mgethostbyaddr[22m(3),  [1mgetservbyname[22m(3),  [1mgetnameinfo[22m(3),
      [1mgetaddrinfo[22m(3), [1mgai_strerror[22m(3)

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