CTLOG_new.3ssl - Man Page

encapsulates information about a Certificate Transparency log


 #include <openssl/ct.h>

 CTLOG *CTLOG_new(EVP_PKEY *public_key, const char *name);
 int CTLOG_new_from_base64(CTLOG ** ct_log,
                           const char *pkey_base64, const char *name);
 void CTLOG_free(CTLOG *log);
 const char *CTLOG_get0_name(const CTLOG *log);
 void CTLOG_get0_log_id(const CTLOG *log, const uint8_t **log_id,
                        size_t *log_id_len);
 EVP_PKEY *CTLOG_get0_public_key(const CTLOG *log);


CTLOG_new() returns a new CTLOG that represents the Certificate Transparency (CT) log with the given public key. A name must also be provided that can be used to help users identify this log. Ownership of the public key is transferred.

CTLOG_new_from_base64() also creates a new CTLOG, but takes the public key in base64-encoded DER form and sets the ct_log pointer to point to the new CTLOG. The base64 will be decoded and the public key parsed.

Regardless of whether CTLOG_new() or CTLOG_new_from_base64() is used, it is the caller's responsibility to pass the CTLOG to CTLOG_free() once it is no longer needed. This will delete it and, if created by CTLOG_new(), the EVP_PKEY that was passed to it.

CTLOG_get0_name() returns the name of the log, as provided when the CTLOG was created. Ownership of the string remains with the CTLOG.

CTLOG_get0_log_id() sets *log_id to point to a string containing that log's LogID (see RFC 6962). It sets *log_id_len to the length of that LogID. For a v1 CT log, the LogID will be a SHA-256 hash (i.e. 32 bytes long). Ownership of the string remains with the CTLOG.

CTLOG_get0_public_key() returns the public key of the CT log. Ownership of the EVP_PKEY remains with the CTLOG.

Return Values

CTLOG_new() will return NULL if an error occurs.

CTLOG_new_from_base64() will return 1 on success, 0 otherwise.

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These functions were added in OpenSSL 1.1.0.

Referenced By

The man pages CTLOG_free.3ssl(3), CTLOG_get0_log_id.3ssl(3), CTLOG_get0_name.3ssl(3), CTLOG_get0_public_key.3ssl(3) and CTLOG_new_from_base64.3ssl(3) are aliases of CTLOG_new.3ssl(3).

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