CMS_EncryptedData_decrypt.3ossl - Man Page

Decrypt CMS EncryptedData


 #include <openssl/cms.h>

 int CMS_EncryptedData_decrypt(CMS_ContentInfo *cms,
                               const unsigned char *key, size_t keylen,
                               BIO *dcont, BIO *out, unsigned int flags);


CMS_EncryptedData_decrypt() decrypts a cms EncryptedData object using the symmetric key of size keylen bytes. out is a BIO to write the content to and flags is an optional set of flags. dcont is used in the rare case where the encrypted content is detached. It will normally be set to NULL.

The following flags can be passed in the flags parameter.

If the CMS_TEXT flag is set MIME headers for type text/plain are deleted from the content. If the content is not of type text/plain then an error is returned.

Return Values

CMS_EncryptedData_decrypt() returns 0 if an error occurred otherwise it returns 1.

See Also

ERR_get_error(3), CMS_EncryptedData_encrypt(3)

Referenced By


2021-09-09 3.0.0 OpenSSL